Examples include:

How do you tell children bad news?
Radio Four: Woman's Hour
News like the story of Madeleine McCann can present a huge problem for parents – what do you tell your children? Do you try and keep them sheltered from the more troubling news stories or do you educate them about the dangers that may exist in the world? To hear my view, click here:

BBC Breakfast
Many parents are disappointed when their child is unable to get into the school of their choice. I discussed with John Chard of School and the presenters of Breakfast News, what to do if you're not happy with your child's allocated school. To view the video click here.

Father at 13
Radio Four: Today Programe
The story of the 13-year-old who has just become a father has been claimed to reflect a 'broken Britain'. Phil Hall, a former editor of News of the World and I, talked to James Naughtie about the extensive media coverage this story received and the implications this may have. To listen to the interview click here.